The 'pyjamas-old-t-shirt-underwear-problem'.

The 'pyjamas-old-t-shirt-underwear-problem'.

OK, so...this may be the most polarizing post we'll offer up. 

Sleep naked. 

Yep. We strongly recommend it. Yet only 8% of Americans currently sleep naked. So you're not alone if you're reaching for the 'delete email' button. But before you do, consider these facts:

It helps prevent insomnia. (An Australian study found that a drop in core body temperature was needed to initiate sleep properly.) 

Naked sleepers get deeper, longer sleep. (A study found that regulation of in-bed body temperature could significantly help in reaching a deeper sleep for longer periods of time.)

It helps prevent excess belly fat. (Poor sleep heightens cortisol levels, which stimulates your appetite for comfort foods.) 

It helps promote better blood flow.

It can make your sex organs healthier. (Allowing them to breathe does wonders.)

A cooler body helps prevent aging. (Quality sleep triggers the release of growth hormones and melatonin, the vital anti-aging agents.) 

Skin-to-skin contact can improve your sex-life. (It boosts the release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin.)

Sleep well now!