Pillow sucking the life out of you?

Pillow sucking the life out of you?

While not necessarily a night-stalking vampire, just as challenging can be pillows sucking the life out of you. The wrong pillow can be a real disadvantage to your health. For wrong neck and spine alignment. For overheating. For unwanted flesh-eating bugs. So, how's your pillow? 

Given the above, we set ourselves a task. To build a pillow from the ground (or more correctly, mattress) up. We wanted to offer a pillow that was natural and sustainable, but also high performing: it had to breathe and help draw heat and moisture (like, sweat) away from your skin.

Unlike many synthetic or down/feather pillows, which tend to trap heat around your head, our cool wool pillows won’t. At the same time, a pillow that traps heat and moisture also creates the ideal home for dust mites and other bugs that can cause allergies and irritated sleep.

We specified premium Australian wool as the key ingredient for our pillows because it deals with all of the above. Plus one more: each pillow is height adjustable, that is, wool fill can be added or removed to change the height to suit any sleeping style and mattress top (both affect sleep). We supply and extra bag of pillow fill with every purchase for this reason.

We know it has helped us, and now our customers are saying the same too.

Sleep well now!