Wool is without doubt, a most superior fiber for bedding. It can absorb 1/3 of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. And it breathes better than feather/down and synthetics. These inherent properties are crucial in managing your body's temperature and comfort throughout the night, to help you have a deeper, and therefore more restorative, sleep.


Our skin is the largest respiratory organ we have. We love Tencel® because it supports the skin's natural ability to act as a protective shell to regulate body temperature and maintain water balance. To get a bit geeky for a moment, Tencel is the first cellulose fiber built through nanotechnology to create 'nanofibrils'.


These are tiny fibers that provide excellent cooling properties because they trap and then release moisture into the air. For you, this means that Tencel works more effectively than cotton to help your body maintain its temperature in any environment. Tencel is also hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers (and the ideal partner to our wool).


We also love Tencel because it's more environmentally-friendly than cotton. Tencel is made from sustainably-farmed eucalyptus trees that use 80% less land and 50% of the water that the average cotton field needs to produce the same amount of fibre. And it has the following certifications:


Natural 'high-performance' fibers correct poor mattresses.

The world offers many high-performance bedding and mattress products; from space-age synthetic foams to latex materials. All promise great comfort. But when considered for their thermal control capability, what we consider the most important requirement for sleep, many can fall short. They don't naturally dissipate heat or transport moisture well, and as a result, can make you too warm or clammy at night. This is often a complaint with synthetic mattresses.


If you are experiencing this, don't worry, there's a simple fix. You can cover your comfy mattress with our 100% cool wool fleece Topper, and get the best of both worlds.

Our Toppers are uniquely designed with two very specific layers of cool wool:
On top, a thick 600gsm plush wool fleece (not a sheepskin). Under this is another layer of the same cool wool we use in our comforters, which is then finished with Tencel® fabric and quilted.


To say it's dreamy-comfortable is an understatement! It also preforms as beautifully as it feels, keeping you comfortable, and asleep, in all seasons.


All Seasons 100% Cool Wool comforter.

The average core body temperature is 98.6° F. But when you sleep it drops. Indeed, a change in body temperature is what prepares our bodies for sleep. The shell of the comforter aids in the thermal control process, it is 100% Tencel®, quilted and silky-soft. This is then box-quilted to a very specific size, allowing the fibers to loft for best insulation, but not migrate or bunch up when washed. THE PILLOWS 100% cool wool height-adjustable pillow.


Our pillows are uniquely designed for sleep and neck support. They have only three sides sewn with piping, allowing one long side to better fit the curve of your neck. The pillows are filled with 100% Australian wool 'knops' (little springy balls of premium wool that bounce back night after night), with an outer shell of Tencel® fabric filled with the premium wool batting we use in our comforters. These two materials are specifically chosen to help regulate your head temperature (there's a lot of heat exchange there), and wick away moisture so you won't get cold if you sweat (and avoid the resultant stiff neck because of it).


Finally, to ensure our pillows suit everyone, we make them infinitely adjustable; you just unzip and remove or add fill as needed to change the firmness (with every pillow we also supply extra fill). So like Goldilocks, you can look forward to a pillow that's always "just right."

Pillow height adjustment.

A little instruction card comes inserted in your extra wool fill bag so you can easily refer to it any time. We'll give you the longer version here:


On one short side you'll find a zipper. It is purposely made small so it doesn't get in your way. But it is a little sticky at the beginning, so unzip it slowly. Once open you'll find a protective flap that keeps the knops from being caught in the zipper. Pull this out to reveal your pillow fill. Go on, put your hand in; this is the closest you'll get to petting a sheep on the farm.

For Side Sleepers: If you sleep on your side (especially for men), you may need to add fill from your extra bag of knops. Grab a handful or two and do so. Fold the zip protector material back in then zip it back up. Now grab the short end of the pillow and give it a good shake to distribute the fill.

For Back or Belly Sleepers: You may need to remove fill from your pillow. Just do the reverse of the instructions above. Don't be afraid to test your pillow once you've done so, even have your partner check your neck alignment when you're lying on it!

Note: Your fill will compress a little over time (4-6 months). This is to be expected with new knops. If for some reason you ever use up the extra fill in your bag, we do sell additional bags of wool online.