The most underestimated sleep tool we have?

The most underestimated sleep tool we have?

If you're into yoga, you know the value of a breath. Usually however, other mere mortals only notice our breath when it's, well, the picture above says it. 

Yet breathing, or more correctly, bringing awareness to our breath, is one of the most powerful things we can do for our health, relaxation and wellbeing.

This is where we mention three numbers:  4 - 7 - 8.  

This is a timed breathing technique that works well for calming you before sleep. To start, sit relaxed with your back upright (can be in bed), and place the tip of your tongue against the gum and the back of your top front teeth. Hold it there throughout.  

Now exhale completely, then inhale through your nose, for a count of 4. Hold this breath for a count of 7. The exhale through your mouth for a count of 8. 

This should be repeated for a total of four times. Slow is better, but the ratio is the important thing. (So a faster version will still work, but slowing down your breathing is ideal.) 

Sleep well now!