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The 5 Benefits of Sleeping in Wool

The 5 Benefits of Sleeping in Wool

You want to get new bedding. You need to get a better night’s rest. And you’re ready to invest in your sleep to get more out of your wakeful hours.

What you probably know is that natural materials can help you sleep better, but what you probably didn’t know is that there are specific types of wool that can do more for you than others.

The traditional wool that you’re used to isn’t as fine, smooth, or supportive as Merino wool, which we discussed in detail in our What Is Merino Wool blog article. But, you can get Merino wool bedding that will help you sleep better, deeper, and longer.

Here are the big benefits of sleeping in wool.

5 Benefits of Sleeping in Wool

Benefit #1 — Temperature Regulation

You may have read or seen this elsewhere, but your body is hypersensitive to the temperature of your environment, internally and externally. Your body is constantly adjusting internally to stay in homeostasis. When you sleep, your body temperature changes, which means your bedding needs to allow your body to breathe while it sleeps. Wool in general is a great material to use for body temperature regulation while sleeping. If you want maximum benefit from wool, go for materials that utilize Merino wool.

Benefit #2 — Durability

While wool is considered a finer fabric, it’s extremely durable. For thousands of years, wool has been used for bedding, garments, and otherwise. Earliest recordings of wool being used dates back to 3,000 BC. If a material is durable enough to last millenia, it’s a great material to consider using for your bedding, too.

Benefit #4 — Hypoallergenic and Chemical Free

You may have issues with allergies while you sleep. Most people don’t know that they deal with sleeping allergies, ever, which means when they actually sleep in a hypoallergenic material, their whole life benefits. Due to natural wool like Merino being used for your bedding, you won’t be exposed to synthetic materials or chemicals that can cause those allergies to flare up.

Benefit #5 — Comfortable and Soft

The fine diameter of wool (Merino wool in particular) makes it a super comfortable and soft material to sleep in. What’s more, the fine threads make wool less irritable to the skin. Merino wool in particular is soft and supportive as bedding, which may be able to help with discomfort or pain while sleeping.

Shop Merino Wool Bedding Now!

Don’t wait until you can’t stand your current bedding anymore. You can get to sleep faster, sleep for longer, and sleep deeper than ever before. All you have to do is make a few adjustments to the materials that are used in your bedding.

The natural wool offers dozens of benefits. Five of those benefits were shared above. You can find more online if you search for wool bedding benefits. However, You Are What You Sleep is here to help you find natural bedding that helps you fall asleep faster and sleep for longer and deeper.

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