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Fall asleep faster, sleep longer, sleep deeper with wool products. 

At You Are What You Sleep®, we know from experience that with the right help, every person can benefit more from their sleep. ThermaControl Wool® plays an 'active' role in sleep. That's its advantage. And the benefits are many.

Stress reduction

Studies have found that people who sleep well are less likely to be irritable, feel overwhelmed, or be low on motivation or energy.

Overall health

Regular lack of quality sleep has been attributed to Science has linked regular lack of quality sleep to everything from depression and diabetes to weight gain and heart disease6. And it’s not only long-term illnesses from poor sleep that worries science and healthcare providers. Shorter term issues, from low job performance and workplace accidents (sleep deprivation costs U.S. about $411 billion in lost productivity each year7), to car accidents (driving while tired has been likened to drunk-driving8).

Sports and training

Sleep is the new critical tool in athletic training and performance. Coaches, trainers and sportspeople now use sleep and napping as their secret weapon. We talk about the benefits as the three R’s: Recovery, Resilience, and Reaction time. You are less likely to suffer injury with the proper sleep regime. “Sleep is when your body repairs itself. If we don’t get the right sleep, we don’t perform well. It’s that simple.” - Felicia Stoler, RD, Exercise Physiologist. Tennis players also see a 42% increase in hitting accuracy. “For me, sleeping well could mean the difference between putting up 30 or living with 15.” - Steve Nash, eight time NBA All-Star.

Truck drivers and shift workers 

The toughest jobs in the world when it comes to trying to get quality sleep. Both suffer the side effects or poor sleep. And both need to find ways to maximize their sleep when they get it. We refer to it as ‘strategic sleeping’.

Youthful beauty and skincare

Natural beauty advocates are extolling the virtues of deep sleep and its role in preserving youthful complexions and skin health19. “When it comes to your beauty routine, sleep may be the closest thing you’ll get to the Fountain of Youth.” - WebMD

Teens health and academic performance

Teens are the highest 'at risk' age group for illnesses and issues caused by poor sleep. Especially troubling when you see the research into sleep’s importance for learning and academic performance, particularly for Middle and High School students20. Developing good sleep hygiene habits when kids are younger is vital.

Menopause and older age

Anyone who suffers from night sweats and hot flashes must have bedding that will adjust to their body temperature changes. From the millions of women dealing with menopause, to the elderly on long lists of medications that interfere with sleep; all need wool’s help. Thermacontrol Wool will wick moisture/sweat away from the skin to help keep them comfortable. And asleep.

5% of every purchase helps parents raise sleep-healthy teens

'Sleep Smart Teens' is a not-for-profit created to help reduce the poor health and academic problems teens face due to lack of quality sleep. They bring ideas, knowledge and support to parents of elementary and middle school-aged children, so that they may help them grow into clever, sleep-healthy teens. For information, visit the site here.

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