About Us

From perpetually tired ad-exec to 'natural sleep, sheep advocate'.

For nearly two decades I slept badly. And I knew it. Even celebrated it. I was the guy who pulled all-nighters before that epic new business pitch! The guy who took work home every night. Down time? Rest? Na, I was flying! And I felt OK.

But I suffered for it. (As did those closest to me.) Depression and anxiety were two side effects of many. Sleep medication didn’t work. Alcohol didn’t work. Actually, both ruined my sleep. And by all accounts, I should have had a heart attack like my father.

But I got lucky. Through a friend I discovered meditation. Which led to an interest in aromatherapy. And Bach Flower Remedies. Massage and acupressure. And lots of research. My goal was not just to sleep better, but do it as naturally as possible.

Fast forward ten years, I discovered the 'magical' benefits of wool. There is no other word for it. Wool can thermally help your body stay asleep like no other bedding I have tried.

You still reading? Great. This is where you come in. As I’m hoping you'll benefit from my odd, twenty-odd year sleep-health journey. What started as ad-hoc personal experiments, trialed on unsuspecting family members, eventually became a philosophy of products. And an absolute belief that the only way to have sustainable sleep health is to pursue it naturally.

I know the products I have work. I’ve used them for years. They’ve worked for my family. Friends. Even for my mom while she was going through chemo. (She’s still with us and fighting fit, btw.)

‘You Are What You Sleep’ exists to help everyone find natural solutions for their sleep issues. Either with mine. Or through their own discoveries.

Brett Howlett

Founder/CEO - You Are What You Seep