Sleep To Live

Our wellbeing is directly connected to our sleep.

Not enough people are 'sleep-healthy'.

Too many people are suffering, and will suffer, from a lack of quality sleep. In America, 144 million people don’t sleep well1 and 70 million have a diagnosed sleep disorder2. The problem of tired teens in this country is a public health epidemic3 and 87% of High School students get far less than their needed sleep4

Sobering statistics when you consider that Science has linked regular lack of quality sleep to everything from depression and diabetes to weight gain and heart disease6.

And it’s not only long-term illnesses from poor sleep that worries science and healthcare providers.

Shorter-term issues, from low job performance and workplace accidents (sleep deprivation could be costing as much as $63 billion to the U.S. economy each year due to lost productivity7), to car accidents (driving while tired has been likened to drunk-driving8). Indeed, there's a 40% higher crash rate for 16-18 year olds whose schools start at 7:20am versus 8:40am5.

Everyone understands the notion 'you are what you eat'.

Sleep is the third pillar of health, after exercise and nutrition. And just as people have lived by 'You are what you eat', we want them to understand, 'You are what you sleep'.

There is growing interest and education led by scientists, doctors, and social commentators like Arianna Huffington, communicating the urgent need for better quality sleep. Follow #sleep, #wellness, #howtosleepbetter, or #sleephygiene to see the conversations.

At You Are What You Sleep®, we know from experience that with the right help, every person can benefit more from their sleep.

And we believe that addressing what people sleep on and under, is the first step.