The 'Stay Asleep' mixture we swear by.

The 'Stay Asleep' mixture we swear by.

It’s not uncommon to wake and still feel tired. Or wake in the middle of the night. Usually, quite wide awake. Our brains then take over and we start planning the next day, or week, or retirement.

This is a recipe many people swear by (instead of swearing from lack of sleep), that is taken before bed.

Simply combine raw organic honey and an unrefined salt like pink Himalayan, taken under your tongue 20 minutes before sleep. Whaaaat! we hear you say? Buzzy-Honey? Yep. Contrary to common sense, the sugar in the honey doesn't keep you up. It provides a stable amount of liver glyocogen to the brain, which aids healthy sleeping. Honey also contains tryptophan which produces serotonin, which promotes relaxation. The salt (fun fact: only refined/table salt is bad for you), has anti-stress qualities, helps stabilize your metabolism, and has 80 minerals and elements that aid our bodies with recovery. 

How to make it:  The basic recipe is 1:5. I make it as 1 tsp. of pink Himalayan salt to 5 tsp. of raw organic honey. (I actually prefer a bit less salt, and it still works fine, but see how you like it first.) The mixture will keep unrefrigerated, for a week. 

Sleep well now!