Improving sleep tips by resetting your clock while you are on vacation

Improving sleep tips by resetting your clock while you are on vacation

Here are some tips for improving sleep by resetting your clock while you are on vacation.

Has your vacation ever looked like this? 

Arrive. Collapse. And get a cold. You were after all, working around the clock beforehand. Argue with your spouse. Drink and eat and sleep-in till all hours like you are a teenager. And then get back home feeling exhausted and as a result, very unready for work. 

What if, instead, you used your break to really give yourself a break? 

A vacation is your greatest opportunity to not only recharge batteries, they are the best time to create a good sleeping habits 'routine'. Create a routine for better sleep or improve your routine so that when you return from vacation, your everyday life is improved with better sleep. Re-set your body-clock to ‘healthy’ this vacation and enjoy the rewards ongoing. 

Use 'getting away from it all' to actually get away from all that technology in the evenings. No devices after 7pm for example. Give yourself a regular 7.5 to 9 hours sleep. Set this as a high priority in your health and wellbeing program. Go to bed and rise at the same times every day. If you have a late night on a Saturday, still get up at the same time and get back into your routine by going to sleep the next evening at your new regular time. Get early morning sunshine, fresh air and exercise. Take a walk, ride your bike or do yoga outside each morning. 

Establishing a healthy sleep cycle pattern without the pressures of daily life will make it soooo much easier to keep going when you are home. Use your vacation time for improving sleep and stick to your new routine to ensure your health and wellness throughout the year. Enjoy the benefits from your vacation reset.

Sleep well now!

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