A happy (over the moon) customer

A happy (over the moon) customer

Never have we posted comments from our customers, but this one was so...happy...we wanted to share. Her comments are so relevant for so many people we think can benefit. Here is what Lara sent to us:

"I have insomnia. Sometimes it’s brought on by steroids that work miracles on my sinuses but wreck havoc with my REM sleep. Sometimes rest eludes me as my mind races with to do lists and kids schedules and will the Rangers win a Stanley Cup in my lifetime??? Recently I couldn’t sleep and hadn’t a clue why. Then someone said “Well, you’re like 50, right?” Let’s put aside my denial about the half-century situation. It never occurred to me that my age was messing with my beloved sleep. 

One night my insomnia had me plumbing the depths of Instagram. I have no idea how I landed on the account of the bedding company, You are What You Sleep. I’ve been a goose down comforter girl my whole life. The idea of sleeping on top of or beneath wool sounded itchy and uninviting. But it is ethical… And the older I get the more adamant I am that I not hurt anything to help myself. The sheep are ethically treated and sheared. They graze in pastures. They do sheep things. So maybe I could give up the goose down and make do with wool? Sacrifice luxury in the name of ethics? Lucky me. I got both when I bought the You are What You Sleep set. The packaging is fantastic. An aside? Your sleep system comes in great big waxy tote that I now use to hold firewood. I made my bed skeptically. It was ninety degrees outside and sixty five inside. I thought I might sweat to death sleeping on the thick wool topper. Spoiler? I did not sweat. At all. 

That first night the air conditioning was going full blast. I climbed into bed with my teeth chattering. The wool comforter isn’t heavy or bulky and yet within minutes I was warm. Several nights later the air conditioning stopped working in the middle of the night. Wool did its magic and regulated the temperature. I wasn’t a sweaty mess. This winter in New York my family likes to sleep with the temperature at a brisk 66 at night. You are What You Sleep keeps us all comfortable.  For women anticipating hormonal tsunamis? Wool is (forgive me) a dream come true.

I am obsessed with these products. Utterly truly obsessed."

Lara Merkel, New York