Wool Is Not Created Equal

There are over 7 different types of wool on one sheep. The best and cleanest fibers come from the shoulders and sides. Anything lower is ‘fair’ to ‘inferior’. (These usually find their way into cheap wool products).

We use premium Australian wool because generations of wool growers know quality better than anyone. Australia is the #1 supplier of wool to the world (the next closest country produces about half as much). We’re also proud that our products carry the Woolmark certification, the world’s best-known fiber marque for assurance of premium quality, processes and manufacturing.

We choose the best wool for bedding: it has a staple (length) of 3-4 inches, with a close strong ‘crimp’ (fibers in tight wavy lines, see the picture above), which allows them to compress then bounce back, night after night. How much more resilient is our wool compared to other fibers? A wool fiber can bend back on itself 20,000 times without breaking. A cotton fiber, 3,000. A silk fiber, 2,000.

It would be easy to cut corners when making our bedding, like many have done. We could make it in countries with little regard for chemical use and sustainable practices, in order to sell you something cheap. But then, we couldn't sleep at night.

Craftsmanship vs Factory

 Our goal has always been to use the best quality fibers to make the best quality bedding for the best quality sleep that money can buy. In a world where fast and cheap (in every sense), is valued in sleep, we believe it better to do the opposite. Every…single…stitch matters. We pre-shrink our thread so it will never bunch-up the material after washing. We sew perfectly-sized chambers in our comforters to ensure the wool fill breathes but stays in place. We use generous and multiple layers of cool wool to ensure best-in-class comfort and performance goals are met. Nothing is left to chance. Or to a factory.

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