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Bedding that can give you a 25% better sleep, naturally.

The foundation of a quality sleep.

Your bedding doesn't have to 'cool' you. It just needs to 'adjust' to your body's own temperature changes. It doesn't have to be full of off-gassing chemicals in order to fulfill high bedding standards. It doesn't have to make you hot or sweaty at night, in order to be luxurious. And it doesn't have to cost a king's ransom in order to be made of the most natural, sustainable materials.

Temperature plays a vital role in sleep.

Your body temperature plays an important role in your circadian rhythm, the natural clock that determines your energy highs and lows throughout the day, including when it's time to go to sleep. At night, the body's temperature decreases by 1 to 2 degrees. However, in either too hot or too cold sleep environments, our bodies struggle to reach the optimal temperature for sleep which leads to restlessness, difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep, and fragmented sleep. The key is to work with your natural temperature changes, not against them. 

Thermacontrol Wool®.

University of Sydney researchers have confirmed that sleeping on and under wool can give people a 25% better sleep9; including longer time spent in deep sleep (the all-important stage for cell repair and renewal). And Dr. P.R. Dickson reported in the Australian Medical Journal, that people who slept on a sheepskin wool underlay had longer and less interrupted sleep and woke more refreshed9.  

Quality land grows quality sleep.

Australia was the natural choice for our wool as it's known for growing some of the highest quality wool in the world.

Originating from Australia, we know our wool. We don't choose the off-cuts or cut corners used by cheaper Aussie wool products made in Asia. It's why we sew our bedding in Australia too. We insist on quality, every step of the way. Indeed, we are one of the few wool products globally to carry the Gold Woolmark symbol, your assurance of quality.

The wool for everyone, especially you.

ThermaControl Wool plays an 'active' role in your sleep. That's its advantage. 

Teens and health. Teens are the highest 'at risk' age group for illnesses and issues caused by poor sleep. So developing good Sleep Hygiene habits when they're younger is vital! Especially so when you see the research into the importance of sleep for learning and academic performance, particularly for Middle and High School students20.

Youthful beauty and skincare. Natural beauty advocates are extolling the virtues of deep sleep and its role in preserving youthful complexions and skin health19. WebMD went as far as saying, “When it comes to your beauty routine, sleep may be the closest thing you’ll get to the Fountain of Youth”.

Stress reduction. Studies have found that people who sleep well are less likely to be irritable, feel overwhelmed, or be low on motivation or energy. 

Menopause and older age. Anyone who suffers from night sweats and hot flashes (from the millions of women dealing with menopause, to the elderly on a list of medications), they need bedding that will adjust to their body temperature and wick moisture/sweat away from their skin to help keep them more comfortable. 

Most common FAQ's. 


No, ThermaControl Wool's ability to breathe and control moisture makes it the ideal choice in any season. Our wool fleece Topper can and should be used all year round.   


Not at all. You cover the fleece topper with a bottom sheet and don't even know it's there. (Other than its heavenly softness).

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