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Kayla Childress, Charlotte, NC

“My sleep before You Are What You Sleep was lackluster to say the least. Toss, turn, eyes wide open, sweat, REPEAT. Seemed like an endless nightly cycle for me. I tried everything from RX, OTC, teas, supplements, alcohol, no alcohol, meditation, etc. Nothing seemed to work. Until now! No more sleepless nights. My body temperature is regulated now too with no more sweating! It's like heaven on a bed. If you struggle with sleep, do not wait one more second. I've never slept better and you can too!”


Belinda Jackson, Brooklyn, NY

“We’ve had the full YAWYS bedding sleep system (topper, comforter, two pillows) for two months now. Both my husband and I noticed the difference after just two nights. Like a really big difference. Before, I used to hang my feet or legs out of the covers because I got hot. I used to wake up at 3am, often. I used to wake up with a stiff neck and no idea why. Now I just wake up knowing that I must have slept well, because I remember nothing!”

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Marcia Hines, AM

“I was introduced to You Are What You Sleep about a year ago. I have their topper and comforter on my bed. I remember my first night’s sleep felt as if I was sleeping on clouds. And it has felt that way ever since. In my business as a singer, I travel a lot and sleep is the only way I can rest my voice... I’ve heard it said that sleep is nature’s elixir! And I believe that to be true. Their wool topper is the finest I've come across! (Do yourself a favor and check it out).”


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