You Are What You Sleep

Premium 100% wool fleece topper is bedding like no other.
Premium Aussie wool topper close up luxurious fleece.
Luxurious 100% wool fleece topper hand-crafted detail.

The Topper

Woolyzzz™ All Seasons 100% Premium Cool Wool Fleece Topper


The Topper

Like a regular mattress topper, ours sits directly on top of your mattress and under the fitted sheet. But that's where any similarity to 'the topper you know' ends. Ours is a beautiful and luxuriously thick field of fleece, designed to dissipate heat from your body and insulate you against mattresses that store and radiate body heat (often an issue with latex and foam materials). Pair this topper with our 100% Aussie wool comforter and you have an unbeatable natural sleep aid. And to make certain you’re delighted with your purchase and your sleep, we offer a 14 Day Sleep-On-It promise when you purchase a Sleep System: just send the products back to us within 14 days from delivery for a full refund. Read full details of the Policy via the 'Legals' link below.

Pair your new topper with our comforter for an unbeatable natural sleep aid and save up to $203.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love the topper!

I really love this mattress topper. I have switched to all natural bedding after Brett presented about sleep health at my company, and it does feel much better on the skin. Brett has changed my sleep, and therefore my life. The value of that can't be measured.


We got the comforter and pillows first, mainly because we moved house and needed them, but also to try out the wool. I admit we thought it would be hot. But after just one night, we were convinced.

Game changer.

My girlfriend and I got the whole System. We loved the idea of wool. But it's the topper that's the game changer. It's super comfortable and helps with sleep. We're getting bedding for our other apartment now.

Forget a new mattress, get the topper

My husband and I hated our mattress, we dreaded going to bed every night. But shopping for a new mattress was a nightmare. So we went with the You Are What You Sleep System and we can't wait to go bed. Our terrible bed is now plush luxury!

Full Specifications

Topper (Mattress Size)

  • Twin 39” x 75” (97 x 191cm)
  • Queen 60” x 80” (152 x 203cm)
  • King 76” x 80” (193 x 203cm)
  • Fleece Top 100% Premium Australian Wool
  • Underfill 100% Premium Australian Wool
  • Backing 100% Tencel


  • Twin 64” x 86” (162 x 218cm)
  • Queen 85” x 90” (216 x 229cm)
  • King 101” x 94” (256 x 239cm)
  • Fill 100% Premium Australian Wool
  • Shell 100% Tencel
Thermacontrol Wool Machine Wash/Dry 14 Day Sleep-on-it Promise 5 Year Warranty, Premium Quality Allergy Friendly For All Seasons

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