You Are What You Sleep

Unique massage spheres with aromatherapy for better sleep.
Unique essential oil infused massage spheres.
Roll Sleepspheres on acupressure points to relax.

The Aromassage

SleepSpheres™ Calm Muscle & Mind Before Sleep


The Aromassage

SleepSpheres™ are unique to You Are What You Sleep. Created by a ‘massage therapist to the stars’, they are velvet-to-the-touch on the outside and firm in the middle (made to mimic the skins own texture). The spheres are infused with a unique essential oils blend, so that they work in two ways: aromatherapy that relaxes body and mind, and to massage specific acupressure points that induce relaxation and sleep. Every purchase comes with two double purified non-latex spheres infused with essential oils. Plus an 8ml refill bottle to top up the scent. All come in a bamboo carry case, so no matter where you go, sleep will follow.

Download a pdf for the full acupressure points instructions by Adrian Taricani, CTM licensed Acupuncturist.

Customer Reviews

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10 out of 5!

As a dancer, athlete and yoga teacher, I know the importance of myofascial release. It creates a more relaxed and present body, that helps you go to sleep. I use a lot of trigger point massage tools on my body. The sleep spheres are incredible soft, but hold up to lots of use. I really enjoy that they are infused with essential oils, and feel great on skin. They don't slip around like my tennis and lacrosse balls do on the knots of my spine. I give them 10 out of 5 stars! They are perfect for rolling my feet on the go, and I like them so much, sometimes I'll carry them in my purse.


I like to roll the spheres around my head just before I go to bed as their calming soothing effect helps me sleep. In addition I also have a bit of pain in my left knee and roll the sphere around the knee cap for about 10 minutes which eases the pain.


I started using these amazing sleep spheres that are infused with relaxing essential oils about a year and a half ago. I suffer with muscle tension particularly on the left side of my neck, shoulder, arm and hand, waking up at times to tightness, numbness and even pain! The spheres are small, firm and easy to maneuver with one hand which provides tremendous relief to my muscles soothing that tension on my left side. The best thing though, is you receive instructions on how to use them on acupressure points, promoting stress and emotional relief. As a Wellness Psychotherapist I know that Our body keeps the score. Tthese sleep spheres definitely help to provide the physical and emotional relief we need to feel better in our hectic lives!

A great tool.

I am a Certified TCM Acupuncturist and Sports Therapist and so work with acupressure and body work too, especially on myself when I need it. I find the Sleepspheres awesome tools to aid in acupressure treatment when I have pain or aren't sleeping very well. Though they're an excellent before bed tool, I use them anytime I need to chill and get out of my head. And because they come with very clear instructions, you don't need to pay people like me to treat you. I guess I should be upset by that.

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