You Are What You Sleep

Create your perfect pillow height with extra bag of premium wool fill.
100% premium wool pillow fill for better sleep and no stiff neck.
Premium Aussie wool pillow fill easy to adjust for ultimate support.
Two premium hand-crafted Aussie wool pillows with 5 year warranty.
Extra bag of premium wool pillow fill with every purchase.

The Pillow

Woolyzzz™ Unique Height-Adjustable 100% Cool Wool Pillow


The Pillow

We wanted to create a natural and sustainable, yet high-performance pillow. One suited to any sleeping style and mattress type (both affect pillow height). After many prototypes, our answer was a 100% wool pillow, wrapped in Tencel®, the award winning eco-fiber that outperforms cotton for sustainability and moisture control. Our cool wool aids in dissipating heat and wicking moisture away from your skin to keep you more comfortable. We also designed our pillow to be soft yet supportive, so your neck gets the support it needs. (All help to avoid ‘morning stiff necks’ caused by poor alignment, sweat and cold.) To make our pillows fully height-adjustable, every purchase comes with an additional bag of wool fill.

Customer Reviews

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I love truly love the product, and wool is definitely our friend when it comes to sleep.

Wool makes the difference

We got the comforter and pillows first, mainly because we moved house and needed them, but also to try out the wool. We thought it would be hot, but after just one night, we were convinced enough to get the topper too.

I bought a pillow while in the US and took it back to Japan with me.

I bought a pillow while in the US and took it back to Japan with me. It was great on the plane. Love how it is adjustable for neck comfort and support.

Get this pillow.

The pillows are luxury. The wool filling is so incredibly soft to hold but is supportive and I wake without the usual stiff neck and sweaty hair stuck to my head. To me pillows are so important, you have to check these ones out.

Full Specifications


  • Standard 18” x 26” (46 x 66cm)
  • Inner Chamber 100% Premium Australian Wool Knops (plus extra knops in bag).
  • Outer Chamber 100% Premium Australian Wool Batting
  • Shell 100% Tencel
Thermacontrol Wool For All Seasons Allergy Friendly Sustainable Product Tencel - Ecofiber Hand Crafted Machine Wash/Dry

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