What all parents should know.

What all parents should know.

Just over a year ago, I read an alarming series of facts. The American Academy of Pediatrics declared the chronic sleepiness of our nation's teenagers a public health epidemic. The resultant physical and mental illnesses were even more alarming. 

Through no fault of their own (mostly), teens were stuck between a rock and a hard place...the force to be fiercely independent, and 'sleep phase delay' due to delayed melatonin production.  

Having a now 22 year old, and recalling all the arguments we had over sleep hours, I wish I’d known what I know now, to have better supported him. And doing it before the teen years. Do you know the saying, 'Raising a teen is like nailing jello to a wall'. Nothing much sticks, in one ear and out the other, etc. But my 7 year old, she not only cares about what I say, she remembers it! 

So my wife and I have set out to raise her as a 'sleep smart' child. Simply instilling the importance of sleep, of having regular sleep schedule seven days a week. And using tools that help her relax before or in bed.

For instance, we made play dough and added a couple drops of lavender and geranium essential oils to it. We sit with our daughter and make shapes while in bed, with all that lovely scent filing the room. It’s hard for us not to fall asleep! And it works a treat on our daughter.

We believe this is so important to raise the next generation of better sleepers, we set up an information site at: sleepsmarteens.com

Because a well-slept teen is not only healthier and happier, but performs so much better at school. 

Sleep well now!