You Are What You Sleep

The vacation that can reset your clock.

The vacation that can reset your clock.

Has your vacation ever looked like this? 

Arrive. Collapse. And get a cold. (You were after all, working around the clock beforehand.) Argue with your spouse. Drink and eat and sleep-in till all hours like you're a teenager. And then get back home feeling exhausted and very unready for work. 

What if, instead, you used your break to really give yourself a break? 

A vacation is your greatest opportunity to not only recharge batteries, they are the best time to create a good sleeping habits 'routine'. And (re)set your body-clock to ‘healthy’.

Use 'getting away from it all' to actually get away from all that technology in the evenings. Give yourself a regular 7.5 to 9 hours sleep. Go to bed and rise at the same times. Get early morning sunshine, fresh air and exercise.

Establishing a healthy sleep cycle pattern without the pressures of daily life will make it soooo much easier to keep going when you're home. 

Sleep well now!

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