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5 Natural Materials to Help You Sleep Better

5 Natural Materials to Help You Sleep Better

Did you know that you can influence your sleep environment? From the temperature to the amount of light and the materials we use, all of this affects how we sleep. It may surprise you that our sleep environment makes a huge impact on our quality of sleep, but what may not surprise you is that we need good sleep to function properly throughout the day. 

At You Are What You Sleep, we want to share the natural materials that you may be able to use to better your sleep. Of course, we offer natural sleep materials to you and our customers, including wool, cotton, Merino, and Tencel —all of which help create a more organic sleep environment for your body. 

In this article, you will learn about the five natural materials that can help improve your sleep.

Natural Sleep Enhancing Materials 

#1. Cotton

Obtained from seed hairs of cotton plants, cotton is a natural fiber that is regarded as skin-friendly and has low allergy potential. When it comes to sleep, you do not want your body reacting negatively to your bedding or pillow, which can lead to an unrestful night’s sleep. Cotton is absorbent compared to man-made fibers; it can absorb up to 25% of its own weight. This makes it a supreme material for bedding. 

#2. New Wool 

You may be wondering what the difference is between wool and new wool. Simply, new wool is never used between the source and your bedding. Wool, in general, has been used, mixed, or manipulated in some way prior to it being manufactured into a specific product. The goal with wool is to get it new so that the natural material can regulate temperature while you sleep. 

#3. Wild Silk

Oak eggar caterpillars produce wild silk, which is soft and fine. However, when the silk is worn, it can feel hard or coarse. Nonetheless, duvets made of wild silk can help keep you cool in the summer when sleeping. Paired with other bedding items, you can enjoy your summer sleeping. 

#4. Lyocell

A cellulose fiber, Lyocell is a modern raw material sourced from wood. The material is a great temperature regulator, keeping heat in, which makes it a great fall or winter material for bedding. What’s more, Lyocell absorbs up to 25% of its own weight, a great material for keeping warm while you sleep.

#5. Caoutchouc

A natural rubber latex that’s sourced from tropical rubber trees, Caoutchouc is a material you may find in mattresses. The raw material is a milky-white liquid that is processed into panels so that it can then be used in the making of mattresses. This material helps with body alignment while you sleep. 

Get A Deeper, Longer Sleep

Now that you're aware of some of the natural materials used to help you sleep better, it’s time you give them a try. You Are What You Sleep utilizes the following natural materials in their bedding to give you the best chance at a great night’s rest: 

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