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Premium Bedding Actually Designed for Sleep.

Sleep 25% Better on and Under Cool Wool.

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Height Adjustable Cool Wool and Tencel®.

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Better Sleep & Moisture Control in Cool Wool.

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The Right Combination

Woolyzzz™ cool wool bedding plays an active role in sleep. Research found that sleeping on and under wool helps people fall asleep faster and sleep longer, getting more time in the important regeneration stage of deep sleep. A 25% better sleep in all. Temperature management is the key. Wool’s unique structure allows your body temperature to drop the 1-2 degrees it needs to, in order to fall asleep and stay asleep. Too many bedding materials and products interfere with this process by trapping body heat.

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14 Day Sleep-on-it Promise Thermacontrol Wool For All Seasons Tencel - Ecofiber Sustainable Product Allergy Friendly Flame Resistant Hand Crafted Machine Wash/Dry 5 Year Warranty, Premium Quality

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